Looking for a power adder?

A centrifugal supercharger is a fantastic direction to go.   Power is provided in a smooth and consistent fashion and properly setup systems can provide as much power as the bottom end of the engine can handle.   At the Supercharger store we have been providing centrifugal Supercharged solutions for over 15 years and can guide you through setup and initial tuning not just sell you a bunch of parts.   We work very closely with some of the best tuners in the drag racing community.  

We developed the first gear drive for Centrifugal Superchargers after finding the practical limit for COG belts on Centrifugal Superchargers.   The Supercharger Store is the source for the major components to put together a supercharger system for you race engine.   We don’t build engines but we do work with many builders and carry all components directly related to a Centrifugal supercharger setup Starting with Centrifugal Supercharges capable of supporting 3500 hp, for both gasoline and alcohol fuels.  Our Gear drives designed to have the lowest inertial and best isolation for spinning Centrifugal Superchargers capable of 800 hp to 3500 hp with very small losses.   Our Gear Drives can drive all your front of motor accessory with two axillary output drives let us configure a system exactly for your setup.

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