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Crank drive Gear Drive and a Procharger setup made easy!  Make it happen with the help of the Supercharger Store

Centrifugal superchargers create consistent reliable power and are the most reliable power adder for all single power adder drag racing classes. The most reliable and consistent way to drive his centrifugal supercharger is with the gear drive this eliminates belt slippage belts breaking and belts coming off it also removes the side loads on cranks and the supercharger. The supercharger store is the original innovator of gear drives for motor vehicle applications and continues to provide innovation for all racers. The supercharger store gear drive can provide the most consistent application of power for all centrifugal supercharged engines and is an absolute necessity once the horsepower exceeds 1200 hp. The supercharger store gear drives are available to provide mounting to the premier brands of high-performance centrifugal superchargers. We have mounting components for most all popular motors and many of the custom motors and front covers. We configure each gear drive for the motor, chassis, supercharger and front drive accessories. Customs and specialties are no problem. For the race are looking for a complete system the supercharger store can configure a gear drive with the Procharger brand centrifugal supercharger up to 3500 hp at very attractive pricing.


We have the components to mount our gear drives on a big block small block and LS Chevys engines, big block small block engine two and three hemi Chrysler engines, big block and small block and mod motor Ford engines. Along with Brad Anderson engines and 481X engines and others, just ask.


We offer Procharger Brand of Centrifugal Superchargers along with our gear drives at the best system price available.


We offer the following Race setup kits:

  • F-1 Procharger with Gear Drive (with gears) a F-1 mounting bracket and Engine Mounting

  • F-2 Procharger with Gear Drive (with gears) a F-2 mounting bracket and Engine Mounting

  • F-3R Procharger with Gear Drive (with gears) a F-3 mounting brackets and Engine Mounting

We also have F-1X 12 and F-3R 121 Racedrives


Along with our kits we offer deep discounts on related components, Race Relief valves, Bell Mouths, extra set of gears.


Call or email us and we will help you set up the right system!

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