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Considering adding a centrifugal supercharger as your power adder? You've come to the right place! Do you have a centrifugal supercharger and looking to get more out of it, this is where you need to be!

At The Supercharger Store we specialize in centrifugal superchargers and only centrifugal superchargers. We can set you up with a centrifugal supercharger. Or help you get more out of the supercharger you have by adding a crank driven gear drive.

The benefits of using a gear drive for centrifugal supercharger are:

  • Extremely reliable. Easier on the supercharger and engine than a belt.

  • Very little or no maintenance required. 400+ runs between isolator changes

  • No belts to wear out or break.

  • No side loads on the engine crankshaft.   There have been many Small Block crank failures from belt side load!

  • No side loads on the Supercharger input shaft

  • Far less energy loss than a belt drive system almost 1/10 the losses from belts. (6% to 10% for belts, 1.5% for gear sets.

  • Supercharger air intake faces forward.

  • Minimal piping, excellent engine serviceability.

  • Provides input shaft harmonic isolation between the engine and the supercharger.

  • Never lose a race because a belt Slipped, slides off or breaks.  Have we had failures? yes, but very few in the last 13 years, how often have you see a belt fail?

The benefits of working with The Supercharger Store and our gear drives are:

  • Customer Service - Centrifugal Supercharger and Gear Drives for Centrifugal Supercharger’s is what we do!  Not a sideline.

  • Lower rotation inertia than other Gear Drives available.

  • Drive is custom configured and built to fit your race car in a few weeks.

  • Mounts for most all race engines.

  • Mounts for Procharger and Vortech centrifugal superchargers.

  • Extremely fine tuning possible with 30 gear ratios available. Incremental speed changes of about 3%. with easy change over.

  • Look at the payback:  $2900/$350 for belts so for a little more than the cost of 8 belts you in a gear drive not to mention the 8 races you might have lost do to belt issues.

What we offer:

Great customer service, we configure and customize if required our gear drives and supercharger setups to match and fit our customer’s engines and chassis. Our gear drives can be built in over 4000 configurations using the parts we have in stock, and this number does not include over 30 different gear ratios available for our drives.

We offer our gear drives in four basic configurations, the standard, the heavy-duty, the vertical, the vertical heavy-duty.

We have the components to mount our gear drives on a big block small block and LS Chevys engines.  Big block, small block along with Gen II and III hemi Chrysler engines.  Big block and small block and mod motor Ford engines. Along with Brad Anderson engines and 481X engines and others, just ask.

For centrifugal superchargers, we have the components to mount the F-1 and F-2 Prochargers along with F-3 and the upcoming F-3X Prochargers. In addition, we have mounting for Vortech X 24, X 27, X 28 series superchargers.

The supercharger store is the original innovator crank driven centrifugal superchargers gear drives with our first units produced delivered in 2003 since then we have continued to innovate and update our gear drives as the power levels and performance demands have gone up. We have delivered and received feedback and field test data from over 1500 customers.

Look who's winning centrifugal superchargers as a power adder, there's over 90% chance their running a supercharger store gear drive on their setup. Check out our news section as we try to keep up with who's the latest winners. Some of our racers that you may see their name a lot are: Mustang Mike and just when supercharged Mustang, Phil Hines and his incredibly quick Mustang, Mike Pierson and his car little evil just to name a few.  On TV, check out Shane McAlary and Bob in the Blackbird Vega as just one of the Procharged gear driven cars.

The Supercharger Store standard and vertical gear drives have the lowest rotating inertia of any gear drive currently available. And has been proven and applications to just over 3000 hp. We have recently added the heavy-duty versions to our lineup support the upcoming centrifugal superchargers that are rated at 3500+ horsepower.   Looking for something different/or extreme we do have gear drives that can drive 2 Centrifugal Superchargers, call us about these, they can make big power, but they are very tough to tune.

Why gear drives: almost 10 times more efficient than a belt drive system. Typical belt drive parasitic losses are between 6% and 10% and this goes up with the use of Kevlar belts, industrial estimates of up to 16%.  The parasitic losses for lubricated gear sets is 1.5%.

Why the supercharger store because centrifugal superchargers and crank driven gear drives is what we do, it's our specialty, it's basically the only thing we do, so we do it right!

We have 30 gear ratios available, with almost all ratios always in stock and overnight shipping is available.

4141 E. Tennessee  St. Unit 139

Tucson, AZ 85714

Tel: 520-456-9706

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